Attention: Prospective Investors! 

You're visiting this site because of the power of social media, right? 


You clicked an ad we put up looking for amazing investors like yourself.

Well, you've come to the right place. We are A La Carte Charts. 


We will be THE Social Network for all active investors in the US Stock and Crypto Markets.

I'm going to give you all the details on this page that explain why we are an amazing opportunity for investors, but I'm going to start with the most important part:

When we reach our goal of 2.5m users, the shares you can purchase today for $2.14 each, should be worth around $240 each.  

That's 112x return on investment!


The rest of this page will be devoted to explaining this. :)

The Elevator Pitch:

The Founder and Team:

David Meyers is our Founder and CEO.  He realized that there was a gap in the market for a "Twitter of Finance" out there.  There are a couple of platforms out there, but nothing hits the spot and fills the need for all active investors out there.  David got his notoriety for his stock and business savvy through Common Man Investor.  

David has mostly self-financed A La Carte Charts to get it to where it is today by spending about $600k to this point. You can say, "he definitely has skin in the game." 

Richard and Branton Sherman are both minority owners at 5% each.  Both are savvy businessmen and known for starting up Richard's foundation Blanket Coverage, Richard serves as Vice President on the NFLPA's executive committee, and has a long-standing history of being involved with start-ups and venture capital.

John Doe

No, his name isn't really John Doe, but we're not legally allowed to announce him yet.  In fact, we're not yet allowed to tell you the name of the HUGE social network that he is an executive at.

The only thing we can tell you is that he works in company acquisitions.  We understand how vague that is, but hopefully you can understand that he is a big reason for us to be excited!

The Platform:

•Complete Social Network A state of the art social network for anyone interested in the stock market.

•Intra-day data for stocks.  Currently, only the major markets are tracked on the Company scanners, but eventually every stock in the US will be available.

•News feed below stock screeners.  This way investors can read the most recent and relevant articles of a given stock and chart.

•“Chart of the Day” pick emailed daily to subscribers of the app.  This keeps them engaged and gives them relevant data to start their research.

•Investor “Watch List.” In-app alerts based on scans and watch-list stocks.

•Crypto-Currency – we list over 200 of the top crypto-currencies and their latest prices.

•Increased Financial Literacy, A safe place to learn about stocks, crypto-currencies, earnings, charts, with discussions and how-to-videos. 

Financial Forecasts:

We appreciate your interest thus far.  If you are seriously interested in investing in A La Carte Charts, we'd love to chat with you!  

Go ahead and click the link below to book a call with our CEO and Founder, David Meyers.  We promise, it's a zero pressure call!  If it's not a right fit for either you or us, we won't badger you with follow ups! 


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